"Those who know nothing of foreign languages, know nothing of their own."
(Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe)

In an increasingly connected world, foreign language proficiency is more important than ever. Learning a foreign language has many cognitive, academic and social benefits. Studies show that individuals in foreign language courses often demonstrate cognitive development, creative thinking and attention abilities that surpass their monolingual peers. Additionally, learning a foreign language helps one learn the culture of that language and also helps in one's understanding of his/her own language and culture. Today, due to economic distress, many school systems are pressured to cut back on foreign language study.

At WISE, we promote cultural diversity and open-mindedness through the instruction of foreign languages. Our comprehensive language programs will prepare students to achieve fluency in reading, writing and speaking. Interactive classes and innovating teaching styles make for an enjoyable learning experience. Classes will be offered at Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels so no one will feel left out.

Languages offered:

  • Arabic
  • ESL

The WISE approach to foreign language proficiency;

  • All students will engage in a detailed assessment, including reading, writing and spoken, to determine each student's proficiency in his/her language of choice.
  • Students will be placed in Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced classes based on their assessment results.
  • Subsequently, a custom learning program will be tailored to help focus on the areas which need improvement.
  • Students will engage in various language workshops with other students to help them apply their skills in real-life situations.
  • Each student’s progress will be closely monitored to assure proficiency and fluency in instructed subject matters.

Give your child an academic and social advantage through the WISE language program. Call or visit WISE today to see how we can help your child get ahead.


"Reach for Academic and Moral Excellence"

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