The gymnasium accommodates a full size basketball court allowing our students to play various one-on-one games using half court or a four-on-four team using the full court. Our program includes leagues for boys and girls who will participate in matches against other teams and schools.

Indoor soccer is always fun and involves a lot of running. We have many leagues with various teams scheduled weekly and various matches with other teams.

Flag Football
Indoor football allows kids to practice the art of teamwork and strategy building to succeed in getting the team to the opponent side. The game is safe because it requires the opponent to simply touch the one with the ball to stop the play. We have many leagues with various teams scheduled weekly and various matches with other teams.

As a team sport, this game gives the players a good lesson on teamwork and coordination. Various methods of volleyball will be played to encourage activities and to give our students a fun and exciting place to express themselves.

Martial Arts
Self-defense is always a good program for kids because it prepares them to be alert and to be in good physical shape. We have various forms of defense including Tae-Kwan-Do and Karate for boys and girls.

Ping Pong
Table tennis always gets the attention because it fosters concentration and skill to keep the ball on the table while returning it to the opponent with a spinning slice. It is fun and safe and it creates a lot of suspense during the game. We have various one-on-one and two-on-two matches weekly.

Pool (Billiards)
As a sport, it not only relaxes but also gives the player much needed focus to direct the cue towards complicated combinations of ball settings and to place the ball in the correct hole. This game gives our students the time they need to relax and enjoy while playing.


"Reach for Academic and Moral Excellence"

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