These subjects noted below are electives which can be chosen selectively for each student by their parents. Those who are not interested in religious classes can select other programs that suit their needs.

Homework Help
Homework is a vital tool in helping a teacher understand whether a student has properly understood the concept or not. With that said many students feel unmotivated and find it challenging to complete their homework independently. At WISE, we strive to help students develop the skills they need to make their homework time less challenging and more enjoyable. Our Homework Help program will feature a unique learning experience that will be delivered in the format that best meets the student's needs. Whether it is one-on-one or in a small group, our program always has dedicated instructors on hand to assist and insure the student has properly understood the material and has completed his/her homework correctly.

WRAP Sessions (WISE Reading Advancement Program)
Students who possess strong reading skills often enjoy a more successful educational experience. Similarly, a gap in a student's reading foundation can make learning and excelling more difficult in almost every subject. The WRAP program at WISE is creatively designed to help students master reading skills necessary to become more confident in reading. All students will participate in our reading assessments to determine exactly the areas they can improve in. From basic phonics to advanced reading comprehension and vocabulary, the WRAP program at WISE will help students develop a love for reading and an appreciation for good literature.


A holistic person is one who has a creative mind, a reflective soul, and a healthy body. At WISE, we understand the importance of physical activity and the role it plays in a well-balanced lifestyle. The WISE FIT program allows students to enjoy themselves while helping them develop essential social skills through sports. With basketball, soccer, volleyball, and martial arts there is enough activity to ensure a healthy and WISE FIT day.

WISE Game Room
The WISE Game Room is a facility designed to help students learn and challenge themselves using interactive games. Special programmed games, such as WISE Truth Pursuit, WISE Family Words, and Who Wants to be a WISE Millionaire will allow students to relax in a comfortable learning environment while continuing to engage in intellectual activities. Classical games such as billiards (pool) and ping pong are also available in the game room.

Proper nutrition is important to maintain a productive day as a student, both in academics and in sports. WISE Café gives students an opportunity to relax and socialize with their peers, while having a bite to eat. WISE Café serves a good variety of foods, refreshments, and snacks to keep students fully nourished while at the facility.

WISE Workshops
Information and knowledge is only beneficial when put into action. At WISE we understand the importance of active learning. During WISE Workshops, students are assisted to creatively put theoretical concepts into action. Workshops such as Graphic Design, Critical Thinking, Marketing, and Career Building allow students to take a hands-on approach to learning. The WISE Workshop program is designed to help students rise to excellence.

SAT and ACT Exam Preparation
Students who achieve high scores in their SAT and ACT stand a much better chance of getting admission to their first and second choice universities. With high scores in ACT, there are many grants offered which will help students offset the expense of higher education. Early preparation and efficient methods of taking these exams is the best means of achieving high scores and success. These classes are offered by our specialized instructors at various times during the school year.

Career Counseling
In a competitive environment as ours, it is imperative to guide our students towards the best means of achieving their career goals. Weaving through complicated application processes can be a hindrance to their potential success. Our experienced counselor will help simplify these processes and will help our students to tap into the vast financial resources available for higher education.

Islamic Classes
A moral community enhances a creative society and encourages caring and sharing. Islamic courses at WISE are tailored to help instill ethical standards through self-examination and critical thinking. Students will learn how to address common problems they face every day in society without sacrificing their moral principles. Classes will promote dialogue and free thought in logical ways while referencing legitimate sources. The goal of the course is to empower the student to independently analyze fundamental issues in religion and Islam and to construct a moral lifestyle. Emphasis is always placed on recognizing humanity and the various religious beliefs as part of the universal plan of God.

Qur'an Classes
As the final revelation to mankind, the prescription of the Holy Qur'an is an important guideline for all who want to seek a moral pathway to success. Our instructors focus on various aspects of understanding this divine book. From basic reading skills in Arabic to the overall message for humanity, our students will have a much better grasp of the message given by God and they will have a better understanding of how to implement it in their daily lives.

Arabic Classes
Being the official language in 25 countries and spoken by more than 200 million people worldwide, Arabic is a rich and powerful language which has stood the test of time. In addition to being the language of the Holy Quran, Arabic is also an extremely valuable asset on an international scale, being the third most useful foreign business language in the world. Arabic classes at WISE are geared towards helping students achieve proficiency in reading, writing and speaking while preparing them for real life situations. Our stimulating teaching techniques and vibrant classroom environments will make learning Arabic fun and enjoyable.



"Reach for Academic and Moral Excellence"

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