"Good writers bring out the imagination of people and plant seeds that will flower to fruition"

Good writing is a bedrock for future success, for writing is the primary basis upon which your child’s work, learning and intellect will be judged – in college, in the workplace and in the community. Although most teenagers have mastered text messaging and tweeting, many students lack the literacy skills necessary to be a successful writer in school, college and beyond. Studies show that a majority of teens would like to write better but feel disadvantaged because their teachers did not spend enough class time on sharpening writing skills.

At WISE we work to help students attain skills necessary to become confident writers. Our writing programs are designed to help students to express themselves clearly and concisely, while teaching them how to organize their thoughts and effectively communicate them in written words.

Areas of skill development include:

  • Organization and application of the writing process – prewriting, drafting, revising, editing and publishing.
  • Formulation and application of composition techniques – thesis statements, topic sentences, organized details and transitions.
  • Composition types – descriptive, illustrative, persuasive, cause and effect and compare and contrast.

The WISE approach to writing excellence:

  • Our comprehensive assessments are targeted to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your child’s writing abilities.
  • A personalized program is then tailored to meet his/her specific writing needs.
  • We continue to closely monitor the progress to ensure each writing skill is mastered before moving on to the next level.

Our innovative teaching methods will ensure that your child builds the skills necessary to become a WISE writer with success. Call or visit WISE now to see how we can help.


"Reach for Academic and Moral Excellence"

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